HYPERION MARINE, is the Greek pleasure boat design company, of a serie of Fiber Reinforced Plastic models which, at the present time, starts from 19 and ends at 33 feet of overall length. In the two years of its existence, HYPERION , has develored designs, for open fishing type sportboats, as well as for medium size motorcruisers. Projects, with the help of which, HYPERION suceeded an entrance of "extra sense", in the Greek Market.
The three main elements, of the Hyperion's boatbuilding "philosophy" , are, its models innovative design, the selectivity in technical and commercial partnership, and the continuous quality control of Hyperion products.


The first HYPERION project, has already given two sportfishing , center-console type models, Hyperion Sportfishing 22, ( 7.20 m of overall length, with the platform included), and Hyperion Sportfishing 19, ( 6.21 m of overall length with the platform included).
The "market research checked" point of view, that , today's boaters or potential purchasers, are interested in multipurpose and polymorphic boats, ( center consoles especially, in small sizes), had been the "motive", for the development of the Hyperion Sportfishing Project. The "main thought" of this project was that, a modern boat , (with a selected size between 18 and 23 feet), should offer family pleasure to its visitors , as well as, personal satisfaction to the owner's sportfishing expectations or activities. Included in the boats hull/deck design , as well as in their stylish appearance, these two elements offer Hyperions, their own "naval identity", in
a very "demanding and unpredictable" market .


For the design and construction of the Hyperion Sportfishing model, the design characteristics of an open grand tourism type boat, have been combined, with those of a center console sportfishing type,properly muted for an offshore type, hull design.
Besides, in both models, the solution of an external platform for the single or double outboard engine installation was chosen. (In the Hyperion Sportfishing 22 edition with inboard engine , this ,is converted into a free swimming platform).
On the deck, the design of a luxury open grand tourism boat general arrangement, offers extended sunplaces, a WC tide accomodation ,in the interior of the console, and carefully arranged quality seats , all dedicated to the family pleasure and class.
The fishing equipment of the Hyperion sportfishings ,offers many functional solutions, such as, baitwell, rodholders, downrigger ready transom arrangement, rod storage side arrangement, watertight electrical sockets, selfdraining deck, fishboxes, with bait cut arrangement, ice box ( which can be replaced by an electical one),etc,
solutions that satisfy the hobby expectations ,of the sportfisherman boat owner.
Besides, a luxury, inox bimini for both Hyperion sportfishings (optional), which covers the whole console arrangement, is not only a functional, but a stylish selection too, for both design philosophies, (of sportfishing models and open GTs).
Finally, the construction and hydrodynamic design of the Hyperion hulls, for running speeds up to 50 knots, combines the above mentioned selections, with the swiss rolex( offshore operation characteristics too. The above mentioned elements, of quality and innovative design, permitted the Hyperion Design Team , to proudly say : "Hyperions, look like. their own shadow only."


The Hyperion sportfishing 19 and Hyperion sportfishing 22 hull design, offers a wide range of propulsion choices, in single or double outboard engine arrangements, depending on the operation and performance demands of the Hyperion owner. But ,even here, Hyperion's design team will , to be innovative, offered the Hyperion sportfishing 22 model , the transom volumes for a propulsion system of inboard diesel engine, with V-drive transmission system and propeller shaft ! "This is the solution, for the absolute nautical purpose!" , they say, with satisfaction.


In HYPERION MARINE, we are not only optimists, but we are also sure, that the boaters ,or the interested potential purchasers ,will trust and select the Hyperion models. Besides, the ( recently completed and announced ), relative Market Researches, reinforce our selfconfidence, showing that ,the market tension described before, already exists, and will justify our design philosophy. You see,similarly to the other sides of their consumption life, in a boat selection too, the potential buyers , look for the best solution ,for the money they intend to invest. Solution that ,in a boat purchase case, will serve the family pleasure necessities , ( day ride, sea journey, watersports), as well as the demand for a well equipped boat, designed for various fishing activities.

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